Wednesday Book Review: Conversations By Catherine Cobbins

This book review is going to be a little different than I normally do them because this isn’t a book I found by wandering around the library. In fact, I didn’t even find it at a book store.

Many years ago, when I first started looking into healing myself, I started taking trips to the River Market every Saturday morning. The River Market is a cute indoor/outdoor market place along the Arkansas River in Downtown Little Rock. During some parts of the year the outside area will house a farmers market every Saturday morning, and I never missed it.

Often the market stalls would fill up quickly, so smaller sellers would have to line their stands up outside of the market place and even sometimes never the park that was below. I would often walk these trails, listening to podcasts, and eating small fruits I had picked out from one of the larger stands. On one of these walks, I met a woman named Catherine Cobbins. She was selling her first-ever poetry book Conversations: A Coffee Table Book. I’ve always had a weak spot for self-publishers and poets, which meant that no matter what I was going home with a copy of her story.

Mrs. Cobbins was a joyful woman, her greeting and smile as I walked up to her stand warmed my heart. I spoke to her of my own dreams of becoming an author and she enthusiastically encouraged me to keep practicing. After I bought her book she hand wrote a note for me stating “May my words push you forward.” And oh how they did.

Now you might be wondering, why would I review a book that no one can buy? Because luckily for us, she’s still writing. So please don’t be discouraged when I tell you that you can’t currently buy it. A little bird told me that Mrs. Cobbins has more wonderful words in the works and I’m excited to see what she does in the future! Until then, you can check out her podcast, blog, or Instagram so that maybe she can move you like she does me.

This book, Conversations is one that’s been on my bookcase for some time. I have often looked at her words for inspiration when writers’ block hit. While she is a very religious author, and I’m not, I still find her message and story very comforting. This book is clearly the first print. Some of the pages are off-center, some typos remain, and some of the pictures are not clear. However, it’s that kind of charm that made me buy the book to begin with. Perfection is overrated and sometimes the best works can be overlooked due to small things like that.

This collection of 31 poems speaks of many hard topics. She speaks of God, sex, love, heartbreak, addiction, and self love. She speaks of freedom, and what the means from the eyes of a black woman. She talks of marriage, faith, and everything in between. My favorite poem in this collection speaks of a false king who mistaken answered to a call that wasn’t meant for him.

Oh, I’m sorry I thought you were the King. Because when I called you answered. I was confused. I was thrown off by your bright colored clothes and your stature.

-Queen’s Call: Catherine Cobbins

If you have some free time I highly recommend checking Catherine Cobbins out. She is a very passionate woman with an amazing heart. I am so glad that I found her in that Farmer’s Market all those years ago.

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